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Buy houseplants near Edinburgh

If you’re looking to buy houseplants in the area of Edinburgh, Dunbar, and West and Mid Lothian, you’ve come to the right place. Houseplants can be the extra touch your house needs, but how do you arrange the right houseplants? And what are some essential things to pay attention to when looking for a beautiful plant? Houseplants look stunning in any room; they also have other benefits, such as cleaning the air and reducing the chance of allergic reactions. If you’ve concluded that you want to buy a houseplant, it’s time to decide which one(s) fit you the best! We’ll discuss some popular houseplants that are easy to take care of, and where to find them near Edinburgh.

Houseplants near Edinburgh | Merryhatton

Different types of indoor plants in North Berwick

When it comes to indoor plants, there is a wide product range. Of course, this is very nice, but I can hear you wonder: “Which indoor plant fits my house best?” Luckily, we’re here to help. Some very popular indoor plants, such as cacti, aloe vera, and succulents, all take minimum effort and look beautiful. Of course, it’s important to realise that different types of homes and various plants go with them. For example, some plants need more daylight than others, while some grow best in a warm room instead of a cold room. The bonsai tree is a trendy indoor plant due to its unique shape. Another excellent addition to your house can be a small or large palm tree. Palms give an exotic vibe and holiday feelings. Two smaller but desirable plants are the spider plant and peace lily. They just need a little more attention than the others. However, you can ask our staff for the exact care instructions in our showrooms and see all of our small and large indoor plants for sale up close!

Easy care house plants near me

If you’re looking for easy-care house plants near your residence, you can always come to visit Merryhatton Garden Centre in North Berwick. There’s always a showroom nearby where we exhibit all of our quality indoor plants. We’re known for having a wide selection of easy plants to take care of. This is ideal for people who work a lot and don’t want to come home to brownish dead looking plants. And, of course, the plant has to stand in a beautiful pot. We can provide you with beautiful pottery for your brand new house plants. We offer a home delivery service so you can even visit us by bike or with public transportation without worrying about carrying all these plants and pots home! Altogether, visiting us is easy, getting your newly chosen plants to your house is easy, and the house plants are easy to maintain!

The best houseplants in the region

At Merryhatton Garden Centre, we feel lucky to serve the beautiful East Lothian area. This way, everyone in this region has easy access to a garden centre and the best houseplants. The centre is stationed in North Berwick. The garden centre is also very accessible if you’re from Mid Lothian and Dunbar. It’s just a short drive away from Edinburgh and just minutes from the A1. In our centre, we offer an excellent service from an enthusiastic plant team, who can answer all your burning questions about our top quality plants, garden furniture, bird & wildlife care and much more. However, if you’re not able to come to visit us but can’t wait another day, we’re also available online with a local delivery service. So if you’re wondering where you can buy top tier beautiful house plants nearby, Merryhatton Garden Centre in North Berwick is your place.