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Find great pottery near Edinburgh

With beautiful plants should come beautiful pottery, and if you’re looking to buy pottery in the area of Edinburgh, then you are in luck! At Merryhatton Garden Centre in North Berwick, you can purchase excellent lightweight pots, plant pots or flower pots. All of them are available in different sizes and colours. Whether you’re from Dunbar, East or Mid Lothian, or Edinburgh, The Garden Centre is very accessible, and our excellent plant team would love to welcome you in our showroom to help you find the perfect match.

Pottery Edinburgh Merryhatton Garden Centre

Find your indoor pots at Merryhatton Garden Centre

Now that you are a proud owner of an indoor plant or plants, it’s important to find indoor pots to go with them. The decision-making process for your pots can be just as important as finding a new plant. Of course, you’re wondering which pot fits best for your indoor plants and flowers. That’s where we jump in. At Merryhatton Garden Centre in North Berwick, there’s a wide variety of indoor pots available. A few of our categories are popular indoor pots, eco-friendly plastic plant pots and vases with much more in our showroom for you to browse through. We would love to welcome you and give you a great impression of our quality products and excellent service. You can find pots in different colours and sizes. It all depends on your likes and preferences. One person wants the indoor pots to match the interior of their home, and others don’t. Some people choose neutral colours, whereas others prefer bright colours. It’s all up to you, and we are more than happy to help.

Buy outdoor pots in North Berwick

Finding outdoor pots can be a little bit harder than finding indoor pots. Luckily at Merryhatton Garden Centre you find it both. Our outdoor pots are made of thick material, so the roots of your plants don’t have to struggle with temperature changes. Maybe you’ve heard of the container gardening trend? With container gardening, people buy a lot of different pots and use those instead of an actual garden. But what kind of outdoor pots are there? Well, here’s some of Merryhatton’s outdoor pot categories:

  • Handmade Terracotta Pots
  • Machine-made Terracotta Pots
  • Glazed Outdoor Pots
  • Popular Pots

As these pots are recommended for outdoor plants, adding compost is a good idea when adding your new plant. This mixture will fertilise and improve the quality of the soil and keep your plants happy.

Buy Pottery near Edinburgh Merryhatton Garden Centre

The best planters in the region

Where to buy the best planters near me? The answer is simple. Near Edinburgh, West-Lothian, Mid-Lothian and Dunbar, the most accessible place to buy quality planters is at Merryhatton Garden Centre in North Berwick. Our planters vary from lightweight, to polystone, to pre-planted planters, and hopefully match with your garden furniture! It’s a short drive and only minutes away from the A1. The compost and planters could be dirty and heavy, so our local delivery service in our vehicles could be a good option for you. So if you’re looking for a wide range of pottery and where you can buy it near your residence, visit us in North Berwick!