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Looking back at the last 25 years

Merryhatton previously, we believe circa 1995.  


1997 - hello Merryhatton!

This photo highlights the small shop from which Merryhatton first operated 

Highlighting the first shop as seen from the entrance gate

This shows the interior of the first shop in January 1997
- it felt quite spacious at the time!

The entrance needed to be cleared

And so it was!  A fence was added at the back to hide the unsightly tunnels

Canopies were erected to make browsing the plants a more pleasant experience

The small greenhouse became the houseplant area

Paving and paint soon brightened it up

We even had a mini desert scene!

1998 - difficult decisions

The greenhouses were originally used for bedding plant production

The tunnels were also used for growing

But the condition of the buildings and inefficient heating made it impossible to continue plant production

1999 - the shop's too small!

Meantime we'd outgrown the first shop so the section of the big greenhouse shown here became our new shop

This gave us lots more room and a chance to make the entrance more inviting.

2005 - the time has come to replace the old buildings 

Work started in 2005 when the new canopies were erected on the site of the old tunnels and by the end of 2006 was transformed from this ....

..... to this!  The new building sits where the old tunnels were and the car park is on the site of the old greenhouses

25 years on .....

A massive thank you to my family, friends, customers, staff, suppliers 
and the many people who have helped, encouraged and supported me over the last 25 years. 

Without you, this would not have been possible!