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Bird & wildlife care

Caring for the garden birds and wildlife are often part of the enjoyment of the garden.
We stock a wide range of quality products to help you get the best from caring for your garden friends
- many of whom are very helpful to the gardener!

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This is how you create a bird friendly garden

It really isn’t difficult to turn your garden into a warm and welcoming space for birds. But, merely some seeds or some hanging fat balls won’t do the trick. Let us give you some tips on how to transform your garden into a bird friendly space:

  • Food: but not just that one pile of seeds. There are a number of 4-season mixes of food per bird variety that will give them the nutrition they need all year long.
  • Nesting spaces: a wild bird’s biggest challenge is securing a safe nesting place. WIld birds prefer their resting place way up high and covered. Now, you are not expected to start planting trees in your garden. But getting your hands on some next boxes is a step in the right direction!;
  • Planting: the more varied your garden is, the more appealing it will appear to wild birds. You can easily make your garden interesting to wild birds with a good mix of different plants: high and low plants mixed with flowering and foliage varieties.

Spot these wild birds in your garden

Take a moment to look outside and count the different birds you see. There are several wildlife organisations that do the same. This is not only a fun activity but also a quite meaningful one. By counting the birds we see in our garden, we can make assumptions on the welfare of certain varieties. The most common wild birds in your garden are the sparrow, the robin and the thrush bird. Here you find some fun facts about these frequent visitors.

  • Sparrows like to be in a pack. Thinking of helping out the sparrow? Hang a few nesting boxes together. This way you invite the entire family to come to your garden;
  • Ever heard a sparrow hotel? This kind of nesting box was especially designed for the sparrow. The box has multiple entrances and a bit of extra room to allow for the Sparrow Family to rest here together;
  • The robin might be one of the most curious birds ever. It’s a lot of fun to have robins in your gardens. They easily invite themselves onto your garden table or arm rest;
  • Quite the opposite of the robin is the thrush bird. This bird is perhaps the most shy amongst wild birds. You won’t be seeing a thrush close to a feeding table. They are far too scared of other bird and wild animals. Hence, we advise you to scatter some bird food beneath a bush. This allows the thrush bird to find its food in peace.