Handmade Wreaths (Fresh foliage)

Our wreaths are available on a choice of two bases; a Fir base or an Oasis-type base. 
You can make a note regarding your preferences at checkout or by contacting us on info@merryhatton.co.uk

Fir base

The Fir base comprises tightly bound Fir foliage on a metal frame.  The foliage used remains intact for some time, and can be used either indoors or outdoors.   Indeed, it's our experience that Fir wreaths left outdoors can remain looking good for several months!

Oasis-type base

The oasis-type base is ideal when incorporating holly which benefits from a source of moisture.  Unlike Fir, the Holly foliage will dry out and we recommend that it is regularly re-moistened.


The Fir wreaths can be purchased undecorated for you to dress yourself, or we can decorate it for you.  If you'd like us to decorate your wreath, please let us have an idea of what you'd like at the checkout or by email at info@merryhatton.co.uk


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