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Christmas trends in 2021

Christmas trends in 2021

If you want to be on-trend this Christmas, we have the lowdown on what to expect. Make sure you’ve got everything planned and looking gorgeous so you can relax over the festive period, spend precious time with family and friends, and enjoy good food amongst your fabulous decorations. 

1. Colours on-trend now

Each year photos of festive styles and colours are published in magazines but did you know they aren’t random?  There will always be the classic colours of red, gold and green but if you want to modify your theme this Christmas, look out for pastels and the more muted colours which are popular this year. Nature has been at the core of many activities over the past two years, so expect that to come indoors with soothing pale greens, calming pinks, whites and caramel colours being really popular

2. Bygone times

The old fashioned Christmas is always in fashion. Think - red ribbons, oranges in Santa stockings, Poinsettias on the coffee table, the wood burner keeping the home warm, the family around the table sharing a traditional Christmas meal and games after everyone has had a snooze!

3. Compact and cosy 

It’s been a hard couple of years, and many have taken the chance to think about what their perfect Christmas looks like.  For some, it's smaller groups with just a few friends or family to visit, a simpler (but just as enjoyable!) meal and low-key, thoughtful gifts that combine to make it an altogether wonderful time. 

4. Traditional tree decs 

Did you know that the Christmas tradition started with rich people decorating their trees with food gifts for their workers?  So why not have some fun and celebrate nature with the children?  You could slow-dry oranges, lemons or apples (slowly in an oven at low temperature), decorate nuts with glitter and wrap some home-made sweet treats in pretty tissue, then attach ribbon and hang these goodies from the tree - you could even get a second tree for the kids to decorate like this and it's sure to keep them busy in the run up to the big day! 

5. Indoor plants 

There's no doubt that the Christmas tree is your main attraction, but don't forget your Poinsettia, Kalanchoe and Christmas Cactus! These traditional plants all add to the magic of Christmas in your home. 

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