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The garden in November

The garden in November

Excellent exercise 

Gardening is good for your health - both physical and mental.  So enjoy a simple workout this autumn because it's the perfect time to apply mulch to your garden beds!  The plant team at Merryhatton recommends farmyard manure; a natural product that adds structure to the soil and releases nutrients during winter all ready for your spring planting. 

There's still time to plant bulbs 

Although many spring bulbs will be planted by now, some varieties such as tulips can still be planted well into November provided the soil isn’t waterlogged or frozen. Choose your favourite varieties for your garden and get your Spring display into the ground this month. 

Wrap up warm

We often hear customers say how difficult it is to garden in the cold weather because their hands get so cold - but did you know that you can get fleece-lined gardening gloves?  They certainly keep your fingers warm and nimble even on colder gardening days.  Winter gardening gloves could even be the ideal Christmas gift if your friends or family don't have them!  Don't forget waterproof footwear to keep your toes cosy.

Tidy up the loose ends 

Even if you don't consider yourself an expert on pruning plants, it's well worth taking your secateurs or loppers and tidying up any broken branches with a nice clean cut - ragged breakages are a perfect harbour for disease but the plant can seal a clean cut quickly, reducing the possibility of disease. 
Rake up any loose leaves - they too can provide cover for disease - and either add them to your compost heap for next year's compost, or fire up your chimenea for a traditional autumn garden fire!  (PS don't forget the marshmallows!)

If you'd like some more information on composting in your garden, click here

If you need any help or advice about getting your garden ready for the winter months, the plant team at Merryhatton are always delighted to chat gardening!

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