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Top 5 plants for children to grow

Top 5 plants for children to grow

These plants will get your children interested in gardening and growing their own food. We know how important it is to teach children the importance of plants and where their food comes from, so like many of us, learning from family and friends is a great way to begin. Whether you have space to allocate them a plot, a pot on a balcony or just a sunny windowsill, they will get so much out of nurturing their plants!


One of the easiest to sow and grow plus they are entirely edible! The quirky shaped foliage, stunningly bright-coloured flowers not only look great in the garden or in a hanging basket but can also be added to salads or just munched for fun in the garden! It's simple:

  • sow the seeds in spring,
  • harden them off if you’ve sown indoors,
  • then plant out.
  • Alternatively, direct sow when the soil warms up. 


Tumbling tomatoes especially are great for children to grow. They can be grown in a hanging basket and the small tomatoes can be used as snacks. Watch the foliage tumble over the sides of the basket and the many little cherry tomatoes grow. You can even find varieties in yellow/orange as well for something different to inspire the children. 


Cut and come again lettuce is super simple to sow and grow.

  1. Sow thinly in a well-drained compost and lightly cover over.
  2. Keep the soil moist and watch those leaves grow!
  3. Just cut the leaves when you want to eat them and watch them like magic grow more leaves.

Great fun for kids and adults - and a great talking point when you're enjoying the leaves with your meal! 

Indoor plants

Nothing beats the carnivorous plants for kids indoors. The fun and excitement of watching a Venus flytrap in motion is a great way for children to watch plants in motion. Another great indoor plant is the Aloe vera because the gel inside each leaf is both edible and jelly-like, used to soothe sore or sunburnt skin. In the garden centre, we find children are intrigued with Cacti - almost indestructible, but they come with a jaggy warning!


Sunflowers have to be the most fun to grow. Either sow in pots under cover or direct sow when the weather warms up. Start a sunflower competition and see who can grow the tallest! You can even collect the seeds after flowering to sow again the following year. 

These are just a few ideas of easy to grow plants that the children can enjoy growing, but there are too many to mention here.  For more ideas about veg that give you quick results click here or have a chat with our plant team at Merryhatton for lots of other suggestions.

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