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How to choose the perfect Christmas tree

How to choose the perfect Christmas tree

Wondering how to choose the perfect Christmas tree? What is your favourite type? Do you want a Fir or Spruce, a cut tree or a pot grown one? We have a few tips on what to look out for, so you can shop with confidence to find the perfect tree for you.

1. Different real Christmas tree types 

Before you go shopping, decide which you would prefer as each Christmas tree will look slightly different. 

  • Nordmann Fir - the most popular of all Christmas trees. Hold its dark green needles for a long time on the branches. 
  • Fraser Fir - these fill the home with the scent of festivities. They stay on well with dark green needles that have a slight silver shimmer underneath. 
  • Norway Spruce - a traditional tree with dark green needles and a scent of Christmas. This tree is recommended for outdoors as it tends to drop its needles in a warm room.

2. Size and shape 

It's easy to get carried away when Christmas tree shopping, but you probably don't want to go home with a tree you can hardly fit through the door or, conversely, a tiny tree that you can barely see in the corner of the room. Measure up the space where you want to place your tree, so you know the height and width of the area. This will help you pick the right size tree. The shape is essential as well. Would you like a wide tree with graceful, sweeping branches such as a Nordmann Fir or would a slimmer, more scented tree like the Fraser Fir be more suitable for your room?
When choosing the position for your tree, remember that keeping it away from direct heat and providing moisture/humidity will help it keep its looks. T

3. Things to look out for 

When buying a real tree, always check the freshness of the tree -  hold the inside of a branch and gently pull the needles towards you. If the needles drop when you do this, it's best to try a different tree.
Don't forget to think about a tree stand, which helps keep the tree in place.  Most stands will incorporate a reservoir so that you can provide water for the tree.
As with cut flowers, it's best to make a new clean cut at the bottom of the stem (trunk) to enable the water to be absorbed more easily. We offer several tree stands at our garden centre and our staff will be pleased to help you.

4. Artificial tree options 

We've got you covered if you prefer an artificial tree over a real Christmas tree. Artificial trees can be used over and over again, and even when you no longer want to use them anymore, there are ways to recycle or give them to charity or pass them on to friends and family. We have a wide variety available so there's sure to be one for everyone!  If you'd prefer to have a tree that comes out year after year, can be stored in the attic and doesn't drop needles, then perhaps an artificial tree is right for you. 

We would love you to come Christmas tree shopping at Merryhatton and enjoy the festivities.  Our artificial trees are on display and available now, the pot grown trees are available from mid November and you can choose your real tree from the end of November onwards.

And don't forget, we're offering FREE delivery on all purchases in November and December 2022!!

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