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Lawn tips for June

Lawn tips for June

These lawn tips for June will help you to keep your lawn in great shape for the summer ahead. As the months warm up and you spend more time outside in the garden, you might find the lawn being used much more with BBQ’s, entertaining family and friends, children playing outdoors and dogs running around.  So here's some ideas for keeping it looking great. 

1. Are your tools ready?

Before you get started, make sure your mower blades are sharp and clean. Check over any tools you will use to make sure they are in good condition and ensure any electrical cables are intact and safe. 

2. Regular mowing

With warmer weather and heading into summer, you will see your lawn growing really fast during June. If you like a nice neat lawn, keep on top of it with a weekly mow. You could also leave some areas for the grass to grow a bit longer - you never know what will pop up, and your garden wildlife will be thankful.

3. Feed your lawn 

As the lawn is growing quickly, providing food will help to keep it lush and green. Different lawn feeds are available to match the requirements of the lawn at different times of year.  During the warm months (late spring to early autumn) choose a light feed that can be applied after mowing such as Evergreen Fast Lawn to build up the the sward.

4. Watering 

With warmer and dryer weather, the lawn is likely to need watered. Rainwater is, of course, best and early morning or early evening is much better than during the day. Daytime watering, especially in the heat, means it will evaporate much quicker. Of course, if there is a scarcity of water in the area, it may not be possible to water your lawn and whilst drought will affect the look of your lawn, it's unlikely to permanently damage the grass. 

5. Alleviate compaction 

Inevitably some areas of the lawn are more heavily used than others and the soil can become compacted which in turn can hinder root growth.  The solution is to use a rolling aerator, wear some aerator sandals or simply use a fork to relieve compaction.  Focus on the areas most used, but if you can aerate the complete lawn annually it will benefit.


6. Repairs 

Occasionally you may find some patches becoming bare which need repaired.  The two most common reasons for this are compaction and dogs. 
If you've aerated the lawn for compaction, simply sprinkle on some grass seed and fertiliser and water well to achieve germination.
If the problem is because because of dog urine, you should use specific dog-spot treatment.  Urine contains acid, and for best germination needs to be neutralised.  Products such as Patch Magic contain not only grass seed and feed, but also an acid.

We have a range of lawn care products in store, and our plant team are always happy to help you get the best from your garden.


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