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What to do in the kitchen garden in April

What to do in the kitchen garden in April

If you are wondering what to do in the kitchen garden in April, we’ve put this list together to keep you on track during a hectic time of year for gardeners. There is an abundance of seeds to sow as the soil is heating up plus plenty of hardening off and even planting out (although beware of late frosts depending on where you are in the UK), there will be deadheading and new bed building, but amongst all of the tasks to do in the garden, remember to take it all in and enjoy the delightful bird song and be amazed at the new growth all around you. 

Growing fruit in the kitchen garden

With a chance of late frosts, it’s essential to keep some horticultural fleece nearby so you can wrap your fruit trees and bushes that are in blossom. If the buds and blossoms are affected by the frost it may affect the crop you get later in the year. Mulch fruit with some well-rotted organic matter but leave space around the trunk, and if you are growing in a container, top-dress that to replenish the soil. 

Homegrown vegetables in the kitchen garden

It’s definitely the month to get weeding before they take over your beds. Don’t forget to know your weeds because many are edible, others can make natural plant feed, and many can still be composted. You can also warm up your soil to sow earlier by covering it over with some horticultural fleece which helps to extend the growing season. If you want more growing space, it’s an excellent time to make new beds on a sunny spring day and mulch your soil ready for the growing season. 

Sowing seeds in the kitchen garden

Sowing seeds is an inexpensive and hugely enjoyable way to grow vegetables and edible flowers. April is a big month for sowing, and here's some of the plant team favourites:

  • squash
  • sunflowers
  • marigolds
  • salads
  • celery
  • kale
  • beans

If you're not able to grow from seed, you can also buy your veg as starter plants click here to see our selection

Whether you start with seed or young plants, it's important that your containers and your greenhouse (if you have one), are cleaned thoroughly. This is the most effective, chemical-free step you can take to get rid of any overwintering pests and diseases, and give your plants the best start. 

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