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Top 5 trees for small gardens

Top 5 trees for small gardens

Every garden should have a tree. Trees add height and structure, create shade, and provide vital natural habitat for birds and other garden wildlife. Whether through spring flowers, autumn foliage, colourful berries or attractive bark, a tree can add months of interest to your garden. And you don’t need a big garden to have space for a tree. Here are our top 5 trees for small gardens.

Discover five trees for small gardens

  1. Prunus 'Yamadei' A small, umbrella-shaped tree with a mass of single, pure white bell-shaped flowers. The serrated green leaves turn orangey/yellow in autumn.  Has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.  Tolerant of most soil types and enjoys well-drained, sunny positions. Height & spread in 10 years approx  4m x 3m

  2. Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia)  A slow-growing, hardy, dense, small tree producing masses of flowers in spring.  Flowers are generally white in colour but can have pink tones.  First discovered in the Japanese mountains, it enjoys full sun to part shade, moist, well-drained but slightly acidic soils and benefits from some shelter to avoid damage to the early flower buds.  Height & spread in 10 years approx  4m x 3m

  3. Fagus sylvatica 'Black Swan' (Black Beech) One of the darkest-leaved Beech varieties, the Black Swan has a magnificent cascading habit and its architectural structure is a statement in any garden.  Plant in good sun to enjoy its rich colour - in shade, the leaves will revert to green.  Enjoys moist but not waterlogged soils away from salty coastal winds.  Height & spread in 10 years approx  6m x 3m.

  4. Prunus 'Amanogawa' (the Flagpole Cherry)  A very erect tree that has a columnar habit.  Aptly named the Flagpole Cherry, it is an excellent choice for creating structure and perspective in the garden.  It produces clusters of semi-double, fragrant light pink flowers in spring and striking red/gold foliage in autumn.  Tolerant of a range of soil types, providing they are well-drained.  Received the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 1931 and has been a firm favourite with gardeners for decades.  Height & spread in 10 years approx  4m x 1m

  5. Salix 'Hakuro-Nishiki'  A beautiful weeping willow producing delicate pink coloured leaves in spring which mature into variegated leaves with shades of pink, creamy white and green before becoming mostly green in summer.  Its yellow catkins appear in early spring whilst the new stems mature to a flaming orange-red stems in autumn proving wonderful winter interest.  Like most willows, it enjoys damp conditions.  Height & spread in 10 years approx  2m x 2m

Of course there are many other trees that are also well-suited to small gardens, so why not pop in and chat to our experienced plant team who can help you choose the best tree for your garden!

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