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5 things we learned from our gardens in 2021

5 things we learned from our gardens in 2021

We've all needed our green space more than ever this year, and our gardens are a great place to escape when life is tough. As 2021 draws to a close, it's time to look back on the gardening year and see what lessons we can take with us next year. Here are our top 5 gardening thoughts from 2021.

Top 5 lessons from last year's gardening

  1. You don't have to be a gardening expert to enjoy the benefits of a garden. Just planting a few seeds can give you the thrill of seeing new life emerge from the soil, and you can grow your own delicious salads and herbs in pots on a windowsill even if you don't have a garden of your own.

  2. We can do many things to the garden as sustainable as possible, including switching to peat-free products, being water-wise, minimising our use of single-use plastics, and composting our green garden waste. Even if everyone did just one or two small actions just think what a difference it would make!

  3. Taking care of our soil and enriching it with organic matter is essential. This produces stronger, healthier plants and improves the soil's structure, helping it to cope with both arid and very wet weather.

  4. For those who don't have a garden but still want some greenery in their lives, house plants are the perfect answer. From easy-to-care-for succulents to elegant orchids, there's a house plant to suit every taste, and once you've got the house plant bug, you'll soon find your collection growing!

  5. Wildlife is essential to the health of our gardens, whether it's birds, bees, beetles or one of the wide range of wildlife that keep out garden ecosystem in balance.  Consider making your garden a wildlife-friendly space by leaving a small grass area uncut to shelter insects and plant a wide range of flowers for pollinators and berry-bearing shrubs for birds.

We're here to help you at every step of your gardening journey, so visit our centre soon and get set for another great year of gardening!

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