Gardening Made Easy

New to gardening?  Love to have a go but don’t know where to start?

Read on to find out how you can be a successful gardener, even if you’ve never grown anything before! And if you still have questions, or there’s something you’re not quite sure about, the plant team at Merryhatton is always more than happy to help – we love any excuse to talk gardening! Gardening’s great fun for all the family, a good reason for exercise and you can even end up with healthy, chemical-free fruit and veg to enjoy!

Where to start ?

You’ve moved into the home of your dreams – you’ve lots of space for the family (and  the dog), and you’re dreaming of summer evenings entertaining friends …. just one problem, the outdoor area (your garden) where all the outdoor fun is supposed to happen is a sea of mud!!

So we’ve put together some first steps to help you  begin creating the garden of your dreams.

Create a view from the patio

Now you’ve got a lawn, some planted pots and hanging baskets, and you can imagine yourself relaxing on the patio enjoying the summer sunshine in your beautiful garden with butterflies alighting on your gorgeous flowers.
But perhaps there a few other things to think about, so your view from the patio just gets better and better?

Healthy chemical-free food at your fingertips

You’re getting there – there’s a lawn, plants in pots, baskets and borders but there’s something missing? Why not grow some fruit and veg for your family?
It’s a great family activity, ensures you have healthy food, gets us into the open air and helps keep us fit – its a win all round!  Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Kids in the garden

Finding it hard to get the children outdoors?  You’d be surprised how children love gardening and it really can be a tremendously rewarding family affair.  In this section we’ve included some ideas for projects for children – create your memories here!

Outdoor living

There’s a huge range of garden furniture available, but where do you start? 
Click below for information about choosing the garden furniture that best for your lifestyle.

Once you’ve got the garden furniture, it might be helpful to have some garden lighting – and it will look great! 
Click below to help decide which lighting system is for you.

It's Autumn - what now?

 Autumn in the garden is a time of great opportunity – think of it as nurturing your lawn and plants and preparing them for the winter so they’ll come back and provide you with even more pleasure next year.
Importantly, planting in autumn means the plants benefit from going into soil that’s relatively warm after summer and can get well established and ready for the coming year.

Popular Questions

In this section, we try and answer some of the common questions customers ask when they come in store.

Q : Bulbs & Seeds
A: Good seeds and bulbs produce good plants; inferior quality seeds or bulbs will not produce such good plants.

It is hard to over-emphasis the difference that quality seeds or bulbs make to the plants you produce. Our seeds are bred by Mr Fothergills Seeds and our bulbs are grown by Taylors bulb growers, both of whom are recognised as amongst the best in the UK. Like all reputable suppliers their products come with their assurance of quality.

Q : Composts
A : We have a selection of the most reputable brands of compost, soil conditioners and mulches so there’s a product for every stage. From multi-purpose to specialist compost to farmyard manure or mulch, we’ve chosen products that we use ourselves because we know they’re quality products that produce excellent results.

To see our full range, please click here to visit our online shop

Q : Fertilisers and Treatments
A : We stock a wide range of fertilisers and treatments to suit every gardener’s needs. From the ever-popular Miracle-gro range to the traditional Bone Meal or the organic farmyard manure, we have a range of general and specific use fertilisers and other treatments to keep your garden growing and producing excellent results for you!

For full details of our range, click here to visit our online shop

Q : Tools
A : We stock a wide range of tools from Kent & Stowe, all of which come with their own guarantee.

Whether you want beautifully crafted stainless steel or stout carbon-steel, we have all the tools you’ll need to dig, rake, trim, edge or prune. We even have a selection of sizes to make sure you and your garden tools are a perfect fit for you! Click here to see our handy guide to choosing your garden tools

So whether you’re choosing essential tools for yourself or that perfect implement to give as a gift, you can find full details of our range by clicking here to visit our on-line shop