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The compost you choose will have a huge impact on the successful growth and development of your plants. Read below to find out more!

General Purpose Compost

As the name suggests, general-purpose composts -sometimes called multi-purpose or all-purpose composts – will do very well for the majority of plants.

Specialist Composts

Sometimes there’s a reason to choose a specialist compost.  For example, acid-loving (ericaceous) plants, need a compost with a lower pH, seeds and cuttings do best with a finer grade compost and the compost for tubs and baskets includes longer-term feed.

Bark & soil improvers

The bark of trees is a byproduct of forestry and makes a fabulous mulch for gardens, helping to suppress weeds, retain moisture and improve soil structure.
Graded top soil is ideal for topping up borders or levelling the lawn, whilst traditional Farmyard Manure provides long term feeding and improved soil structure.