Birdcare & Products

For many, feeding small garden birds provides enormous enjoyment and is an integral part of the fun of the garden.
Whether you’re a seasoned friend of our feathered friends, or you’d simply like to get to know them, we’ve got everything you need right here at Merryhatton.

Bird Tables & Stations

Place a bird table or station in a quiet, reasonably sheltered spot and the birds will quickly learn that this is a safe and convenient place to find food and visit regularly.


Bird Feeders

Bird feeders allow you to offer food to different birds in different areas around the garden.
Bothered by gulls? Then choose a squirrel-proof feeder and ensure that the small birds get their food.

Bird Food

Our range of bird food has been carefully selected for the quality, mix and source of the ingredients to ensure that the bird food you buy provides the birds with the nutrition they require.

Bird suet treats and fat balls

Fat and suet are a source of high energy nutrition for birds, and are especially welcome in the cold weather when our garden birds are struggling to keep warm.