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New to gardening?  Love to have a go but don’t know where to start?
Read on to find out how you can be a successful gardener, even if you’ve never grown anything before! And if you still have questions, or there’s something you’re not quite sure about, the plant team at Merryhatton is always more than happy to help – we love any excuse to talk gardening!

Gardening’s great fun for all the family, a good reason for exercise and you can even end up with healthy, chemical-free fruit and veg to enjoy!

Your new garden - an opportunity or an obstacle?

You’ve never had a garden before, but you’ve just moved into your lovely new home and discovered that your garden is – in fact – a muddy mess!!  Where do you start, what should you do??
Converting the muddy mess into the garden of your dreams needn’t be the insurmountable hurdle you might imagine.  At Merryhatton, a number of our team have created their own gardens from scratch, and you won’t believe just how enormously rewarding it is to see the garden take shape.
‘Your new garden’ explains in simple, easy stages how to create your very own outdoor living space, and if we can give you one important piece of advice – just don’t forget to take the ‘before’ photos – you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll see a transformation!

Family gardening is fun!

Gardening has always been a family affair – many of us at Merryhatton first learnt about growing things from our parents and grandparents and some of our loveliest memories are of shared times in the garden.  But if you didn’t have a garden, or your family weren’t interested, it can be daunting trying to work out where to begin – we know that it’s really easy, but like most things, if you’ve not done it before, it may not seem that way!
So we’ve put together a few ideas for easy family gardening projects – just click on the pictures below and see how easy it really is!

Plants for Christmas

Flowering plants have long been associated with Christmas, and whilst some people see houseplants as cut flowers in a pot and simply replace them after flowering, others like the challenge of growing them on and getting them to flower again.
So for those who enjoy the challenge, click here for some tips and advice on the care and maintenance of Christmas house plants.