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Merryhatton and the Environment

At Merryhatton we recognise the importance of caring for the environment and are fully committed to reducing our impact as far as we possibly can by:

Complying  with all environmental legislation and other codes of practice as they affect our business

Reducing pollution, emissions and waste

o We recycle our glass, plastic, aluminium, metal, tins, spent cooking oil and paper waste
o We are actively researching green, cost-neutral  solutions to cardboard and wooden pallet disposal
o Our food waste is processed in a Rydan food composter
o We encourage café customers to take home any leftovers by providing  take-home boxes
o We provide free used coffee grounds from the café to customers for use as mulch or pest deterrent

Reducing the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies

o A significant part of our electricity is derived from our  solar panels
o  Our buildings are heated by ground source heat pump
o We continue to search for cost effective methods to reduce energy consumption and plan to install energy efficient LED lighting throughout the building in June 2018

Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in environmental matters

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Purchasing environmentally friendly, safe products and materials wherever possible

o We recognise the need to be fully aware of the potential risks arising from where we source our plants. We support the HTA statement and adhere to the HTA five point plan on dealing with Xylella fastidiosa.
o All our timber furniture comes from responsibly managed sustainable forests accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) or from recycled materials.
o We expect similar environmental standards from our suppliers and contractors.
o We recognise that peat based products offer a tried and tested growing medium but can be damaging to the environment so we promote the use of peat free alternatives where possible and source only from suppliers who are committed to sustainability.

Assisting customers to use products in an environmentally sensitive way

o We aim to promote plants and products which have environmental benefits
o We provide information on the benefits of houseplants
o Our garden centre staff are able to  offer advice on best practice e.g. companion planting to deter pests, health benefits of house plants
o We provide customers with information on how to improve conditions for wildlife in the garden
o We encourage children to become involved in gardening and in caring for wildlife and the environment

Continually seeking to improve environmental performance by regularly reviewing the impact of historic, current and planned future actions

 Using local suppliers

o We use locally sourced products where possible and encourage our staff and customers to do the same.

In our plant area we also seek to minimise our impact on the environment by

o Adopting careful and appropriate watering and feeding regimes
o Sourcing quality plants from reputable growers
o Undertaking good husbandry – we sweep benches, ensure good airflow, inspect plant deliveries on arrival and communicate any issues to the grower promptly
o Re-using pots and providing a pot exchange area for customer use
o Using polystyrene from plant packs as crock
o Using companion planting to deter pests
o Using non-chemical means of weed control (hand weeding, hoeing) where possible

Where the use of chemicals is unavoidable they are applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions

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